Welcome to the Mama of Kings blog!

Our goal:

  •    to encourage other mamas in ALL walks of life.
  •    to motivate other mamas to conquer their fears.
  •    to inspire others mamas to chase their dreams.
  •    to educate other mamas about their options.
  •    to remind other mamas that they aren’t alone.
  •    to provide some brief entertainment from the King kiddos.
  •    to share the birth/loss experiences of mamas across the world.
  • to aid in the areas of kid friendly foods and homeschooling.
  • to be an avenue of SUPPORT.

About Ariel – The Mama of Kings:

Ariel and her husband, Derek, have been married for five years and have five children together. Their children are Lana (4), Ace (2), Norah (1), and their two angel babies, Mason and Alex. In the past Ariel has worked in retail, childcare, and a call center until health issues (and a calling from God) forced her to become a stay-at-home mom. She has always had a love for writing and contemplated starting a blog for YEARS before finally taking the jump. It started out as an outlet to help cope with depression and has developed into a true passion.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some shenanigans courtesy of the Kings!

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