My Mental Health Battle

I have gone back and forth for months on writing this post. My mental health battle stems back years and years. I literally battle with depression and anxiety every single day. After writing about my miscarriage story, I realized just how healing and therapeutic writing about my experiences was. However, I still couldn’t bring myself to talk about this topic.

It seems that it is so much easier to write about something that I have walked through and conquered than it is to write about something I still struggle so heavily with. Here I am encouraging others to write about their struggles and experiences, yet holding back on one of my hardest battles.


How to move through grief by following your soul's guidance - Guest Post by Simone Clement

It’s a Guest Post, Y’all!

How to move through your grief by following your soul's guidance - Guest Post by Simone Clement

Simone is the owner of which is a blog about mental health, self- care, meditation, and spirituality. Her purpose is to help people discover their connections to their souls, their God-given talents, and how to heal the pain that no longer serves them. She offers coaching services, courses, and a weekly newsletter for people who are interested in moving along in their spiritual journey. You can join her Facebook group “Your Imperfect Spiritual Journey“. Without further ado: “How to Move Through Grief by Following Your Soul’s Guidance“.
hide and seek -- adults play it, too

As most of you know, yesterday was the first day of my 31 Days of May Blogging Challenge that I am hosting. Each day I post three writing prompts to the Facebook challenge group. Writing is hard, but coming up with creative prompts that everyone in the group can relate to is even harder. Yesterday, I was having trouble coming up with new prompts so I started to pray about it. And that’s when it hit me. Hide and seek.


5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Break

As most of you have noticed, and pointed out, I have been pretty MIA lately. For those of you that receive the weekly newsletter, I have let y’all in on my recent struggles a little bit. (If you aren’t already receiving the newsletter, you can click here to sign up.) Long story short, I needed a mental health break. At some point, we all have to recognize our frustrations for what they are and take responsibility for them.


toddler anxiety: recognizing the signs and symptoms

Call it naivety or call it ignorance, but I had no idea that toddler anxiety was a thing! Now, I knew that kids naturally develop phobias and fears, but anxiety? When I think back to when I really noticed that I was anxious person, it wasn’t super apparent until I had real worries (i.e. bills, safety of my children, job security, etc). But who am I to decide what a real worry is? Who am I to say that my kids don’t have anything to worry about just because they are young.


The Ancient Art of "Me-Time"


Here I am, sitting in my living room, nursing my little butter bean at 8 am on a Tuesday. On any typical day, I would still be in bed at this time. What makes today any different, you ask? Oh, nothing special. Just the fact that one of our little gremlins threw my husbands truck keys in the trash, so we spent 35 minutes destroying the ENTIRE house looking for them. Normally, I would go straight back to sleep, but I had already invested too much energy into the day. So here I am, soaking in the morning rays beaming through my window, thinking…. and enjoying this rare moment of “me-time”.