Celebrate 23 with me!


23 years ago, on this very day, a legend was born. Just kidding. It’s my birthday, though. And in honor of my 23rd birthday here are 23 random facts about me.

  1. Tofu is my new favorite food. I used to think it tasted like a sponge, but I have re-evaluated now that I have embraced the vegan lifestyle. I LOVE the versatility of it!
  2. My favorite singer is Catherine Mullins. Literally the only Pandora station I listen to!
  3. I have always wanted a hairless cat or dog. They are so ugly that they are cute, in my opinion!
  4. I hate fans. Unless I am dripping in sweat, I have no interest in a fan being on.
  5. My allergies are some of the dumbest ever. Grass, oranges, and neosporin. Like what even…
  6. Most people see a minivan as one of the downfalls of big families, but seriously, a minivan is my dream.
  7. My favorite color is teal, and if you follow my Instagram it is pretty apparent.
  8. I am super picky about pretty much everything except food.
  9. We are open to having more children as the Lord sees fit.
  10. I would be super open to going back to a frontier lifestyle. Everything from horses and buggies to no electricity. Judge me. Lol.
  11. My first book contribution will be published this year! Be on the lookout.
  12. God has called me to missions in Guatemala, and one day I know that He will work out a way for me to follow through on that calling.
  13. My husband told me 10 years ago, when he first met me, that he was going to marry me. I thought he was crazy and friend zoned him for 4 years. (So if you’re stuck in the friend zone, there is still hope!)
  14. Dishes are my least favorite chore, but once I start I do kind of enjoy it.
  15. I could bake ALL DAY LONG.
  16. Coffee is life.
  17. I have an entire brain full of useless knowledge. Seriously.
  18. I’m not really a fan of celebrating birthdays. Not for any particular reason though.
  19. After nursing my youngest for almost 15 months now, I am about ready for our journey to end.
  20. My parenting would probably be described as extremely free-range.
  21. My homeschooling method is somewhere between traditional and unschooling.
  22. I want to go back to school to get a degree, even though I want to be a stay-at-home mom. More for personal gain than a career path.
  23. I am OCD and make lists when my anxiety kicks in. So this list has been super therapeutic.

celebrate 23 with me!

Hope you enjoyed my 23 random facts to celebrate my 23 years of life!

NOW, tell me one random thing about YOU!

Ariel King is a Stay-At-Home mom to her three children, Lana, Ace, and Norah. Writing and researching are two of her biggest passions. People say that she is full of all kinds of useless knowledge, and it is even rumored she has a Google PhD. She is not a typical mainstream mom, imperfect in every way, but is on a mission to encourage and inspire other moms. Her belief is that no one should feel alone in the day to day of motherhood.

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