Dear Mason and Alex - In Memory


Today is the 4th anniversary of my sweet boys’ passing. In honor of the precious, short time they were here I have written a poem in their memory. (To read their story click HERE).


Dear Mason and Alex

When they told me “no heartbeats”

I felt my heart stop.

When they said you departed

Our world fell apart.

I never got to hear your first words,

Or watch you take your first steps.

I never grasped your small hands,

Or heard you breathe your first breaths.

I will never get to break up silly fights,

Or arguments had with your brother.

Ace will never go through life with big brothers

To guide him and love him forever.

You don’t have to fret about being dressed up

In dresses and makeup by sisters.

Lana and Norah won’t have their protectors;

Their fearless twin brothers to guard them.

Mason, you won’t get to hunt with your daddy,

Or learn how to build a new motor.

Alex, you won’t find yourself fishing with Dad,

Or perfecting your football tackle.


Tons of memories we cannot make;

Love we will not get to share.

Many things you won’t get to teach us

Since you are no longer here.

While there are countless things we won’t get to do

I am thankful for your short time here.

I held you for each of your days on this earth;

For all time you will dwell in my heart.

As I sit and pen this note to you

My mind begins to marvel

At how wondrous it will one day be

When we meet for the first time in heaven.

Share YOUR memory; share your story.

In order for us to truly break the stigma placed on the subject of miscarriage, we have to speak up and share every memory surrounding our littles. Every child’s life matters, no matter the circumstances. To honor each and every angel baby, I would like to open up my blog as a platform to share YOUR story; the memory of YOUR angel baby. If you are interested in having your angel baby’s legacy shared on Mama Of Kings, please send me a message on any social media platform or email me at mamaofkings@gmail. com!

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Ariel King is a Stay-At-Home mom to her three children, Lana, Ace, and Norah. Writing and researching are two of her biggest passions. People say that she is full of all kinds of useless knowledge, and it is even rumored she has a Google PhD. She is not a typical mainstream mom, imperfect in every way, but is on a mission to encourage and inspire other moms. Her belief is that no one should feel alone in the day to day of motherhood.

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