Life knocks ya down sometimes: Health Update

I have been getting lots of messages on my social media accounts from people questioning my lack of presence on the blog this week, so I figured I would address all of you at one time by giving a health update.

Kidney Stones

For years I have dealt with kidney stones. After several stone analysis cultures, the urologists were never able to determine the cause of my stone production. I had a lithotripsy (procedure using high energy shock waves to break down stones) in 2012 and didn’t experience any more problems for awhile.

Fast forward to April 2017, 2 months after giving birth to my youngest, I discovered that I had an 8 mm kidney stone! And here we are, 9 months later, and I’m still carrying that same stone.

I have had several hospital trips in that time period. Doctors have been telling me that nothing could be done unless I was dying or in kidney failure.

On Tuesday, the pain became unbearable so I went to the hospital, yet again. After a CT scan I was informed that I have hydronephrosis and hydroureter.

I was told I am not far away from finding myself in kidney failure. Next week I will go in for a consultation to FINALLY get the surgery I need.

All your kind thoughts, good vibes, and prayers are greatly welcomed. I appreciate all of you that have reached out to check on me!

Ariel King is a Stay-At-Home mom to her three children, Lana, Ace, and Norah. Writing and researching are two of her biggest passions. People say that she is full of all kinds of useless knowledge, and it is even rumored she has a Google PhD. She is not a typical mainstream mom, imperfect in every way, but is on a mission to encourage and inspire other moms. Her belief is that no one should feel alone in the day to day of motherhood.

4 thoughts on “Life knocks ya down sometimes: Health Update

  1. Omg…. I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m happy you will finally have that procedure done. Will be keeping you in my prayers, love. 🙏🏻

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