Some days kids can be perfect angels. Other days, eh, not so much. For the sake of my sanity, I am thoroughly hoping that my kids are the latter today, because after last night and this morning, I feel like I’m going to lose it. To elaborate, here’s my #momlife story of the day:

Is bedtime still a thing?

Typically, my kids don’t go to bed at a specific time due to the fact that we stay home every day and they don’t have to get up early. However, last night I could tell that they were a bit more tired than usual, so I got them “settled” (very loose term here) into bed around 8pm.

If you follow my Facebook page, Mama of Kings Blog, then you know that yesterday my kids were completely off the chain and I got ZERO work done. And haven’t gotten much done at all this week actually. So I figured, since I had gotten them in the bed that I could start catching up on some work…


9pm rolls around and I am on the phone with my best friend talking about some mock designs we have created. (This project will be announced soon, so be sure that you are subscribed to the weekly newsletter so that you can be one of the first to hear the news!) Suddenly, I hear A LOT of chatter from the dining room. I walk in and my kids are all playing with puzzles!

This is hardly ever an issue, and they know that bedtime means bedtime. Even if they aren’t ready to go to sleep yet, they know that the rule is no getting up, except to pee of course. Every night they are given a small cup of water for their nightstand, a baby/stuffed animal, and a book to “read” to relax. But for whatever reason, last night the rules were the last thing on their minds.

So, I get up, shuffle them back to bed, tuck them in again, and go back out to get some work done.

Just kidding, mom.

30 minutes later the three of them are back in the dining room. This time Lana has found some nail polish. And for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to hand Norah the bottle while she painted her nails. Needless to say, my floor quickly turned pink.

When I saw what was going on, I told Lana to put the nail polish up and find something to clean up the nail polish before it dried. So what does she do? Hand Norah the brush like she knows how to close the bottle. Being the one-year-old that she is, the brush went straight to her mouth.

I finally get the majority of the nail polish up (not all, so if you know how to get it off of laminate flooring, lemme know!) and get the kids BACK in the bed. I then proceeded back to the living room to work.

But nothing ever goes as planned… because #momlife

As soon as I got back to my work area, Norah wakes up to nurse. Of course. Usually, she will wake up to nurse around 10pm for a quick snack. Not this time.

Last night, Norah ate for 2. HOURS. SOLID. No exaggeration.

As many nursing moms can probably agree, nursing a toddler is no easy feat. And Norah is no exception. Most of our nursing sessions include a good bit of acrobatics. Not only that, but if my phone or computer is anywhere near her reach, you can bet she will be playing with them. While it may have seemed like a good time to get something done, that just wasn’t the case.

Surprise, surprise

Norah finally falls asleep, and I go lay her down. I sit in the room with her for a few minutes while I create the graphics for the day for the 31 Days of May Blogging Challenge of the day. When I finished writing the three prompts and posting them, I get up to go back to the living room to get some work done.

Keep in mind it is now after midnight.

I walk out of my bedroom and start to hear a little rustle. Thinking nothing of it, and assuming it was the dog, I continued to the living room without so much as a glance in the direction of the noise. Once I get to the couch, I sit down, pull out my computer, and start working. However, the noise continues. Then I hear the dog outside barking…

I look up to see Ace. In the dining room. Covered in teal nail polish. Along with my new table and some of the floor. (So if you know how to get it off of the table without removing the stain, lemme know that too!)

Hulk Mode

I thought for sure that my head was about to explode. Or I would have a panic attack. Or something. But mama went into hulk mode.

I try to stick to gentle parenting, but sometimes my kids take full advantage of that. This would be a prime example of that.

All of the sudden, Ace decides that he is exhausted and needs to go to bed. After I had been telling him for FOUR hours to go to sleep. My thought was, though, that if he was awake enough to sneak out of bed and get into nail polish, that he was awake enough to clean up some. What better time to deal with punishment than the present, right?

So before going to bed, I had him clean up the nail polish and pick up a few other things that he and his sisters had left out. Obviously, this made me the WORST mom ever, and I got my first, “I hate you” from him as a result.


Back to bed he goes. By this point, I had given up any hope I had of getting some work done. Not trusting that he would actually stay in bed, I sat down by my bedroom door, turned on Netflix, and started pinning on Pinterest. And I was right. He got up five more times before going to sleep. Or so I thought.

I ended up staying awake until close to 4am just to make sure that I didn’t get any more surprises.

And guess who got woken up at 5am….

You guessed it. ME. *insert HUGE eye roll*

I don’t remember what for, but Derek woke me up. Then tells me that Ace is asleep in our floor. Laundry was thrown everywhere. Toys, everywhere. Y’all. I’m convinced that he hates me right now.

I was exhausted so I just left it alone for the time being. Then 6:30 rolls around and Norah wakes up and starts ripping my hair out. Because who needs sleep, right?

After doing everything I could to calm her down and get her back to sleep, I gave up and asked Derek to go pick me up a coffee. [If you haven’t tried it yet, the new Turtle Macchiatoat McDonald’s is bomb.] He wasn’t comfortable saying “macchiato” this early in the day, so I ended up going to get it.

The cashier knew what was up.

I pulled up to the first window to pay for my coffee, but when the cashier said, “Good Morning, how are you?” I started yawning and couldn’t stop!

“You got kids?” she asked.

Still yawning, I nodded my head yes.

“Long night? I feel you girl. Go on up there and get your coffee.”

I pulled up to the second window, and the woman working the window said, “Good Morning, how are you?”

I immediately started yawning, again. It was uncontrollable y’all.

Then she tells me, “They told me you needed this, so I added a little bit of extra coffee for you.”

When I tell y’all God can lift you up in some of the most simple ways. Even if the coffee didn’t help with my state of exhaustion, the thought itself meant so much!

Now that I am writing this, and getting my frustrations out (as I enjoy this awesome coffee) I am finally starting to feel better. Prayers to make it through the day would be greatly appreciated, though!


Do you have a #momlife story that you’d like to share? Tell me about it in the comment section! Stand in solidarity with other mamas whose days are NEVER the expected!

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Ariel King is a Stay-At-Home mom to her three children, Lana, Ace, and Norah. Writing and researching are two of her biggest passions. People say that she is full of all kinds of useless knowledge, and it is even rumored she has a Google PhD. She is not a typical mainstream mom, imperfect in every way, but is on a mission to encourage and inspire other moms. Her belief is that no one should feel alone in the day to day of motherhood.

7 thoughts on “#MomLife

  1. Ariel, I could write a volume of books with #momlife stories! Here’s one: I pack lunches for the three of us (me, my LO, and my BF) every morning. This morning, I open their lunch bags and discover that one hasn’t eaten his fruits (BF – who should know better!) and the other left a half finished juice box and gold fish crumbs in his bag, that lef a sticky crunchy residue. Good morning, Mommy! *slaps forehead*

  2. The mother in law is visiting, and on Sunday, I fell asleep at the dinner table… at 442pm…
    the husband had to shake me awake! LOL! Don’t worry about, you can rest later!

  3. Oh lord that was a rough night! I totally feel for you cuz my babies have been so sick and nighttime has been awful for the past week 😵 So glad they hooked you up with some good strong coffee!!

    1. Oh no! I hope your babies get to feeling better! I’m not sure if it was just because I had such a rough night or what, but that was the best McDonald’s coffee I’ve ever had! 🙌🏻

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