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One of the biggest parts of being a blogger is reading other blogs and connecting with their authors! I get asked a lot about which blogs are my favorite, so I wanted to take a second to give y’all my top blog recommendations:

  1. Birth Without Fear

    • This is one of the very first blogs that I ever followed! I have been following this blog since shortly after my oldest was born. The blog is run by the fabulous January Harshe. She is a mother of six and somehow finds the time to blog and be an awesome social media influencer. Her blog began as a way to let women know that they had options when it came to birth. Since then, it has evolved into a site full of inspiration through the highs and lows of trying to conceive, pregnancy, and postpartum. She has been such an encouragement in my life! During the time that my family was homeless she was incredibly inspiring and gave me the encouraging push that I needed to move forward.
  2. Stephanie Vivienne

    • I came across Stephanie’s blog early in my blogging experience and I am so grateful that I have! She is a lifestyle blogger and shares TONS of tips related to blogging. I have learned so, so much from following her blog. I highly recommend that all new bloggers check out her work. As an added bonus, Stephanie has a blogging community on Facebook called The Online Creators Hub!
  3. It Is Real

    • Pam and I met in a content collaboration group and I instantly felt a connection to her blog. She blogs about her family’s experiences of living in China! I love hearing about all of their adventures around Beijing (and slightly jealous I can’t join them). Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to get all of her fun updates!
  4. The Laid Back Homemaker

    • So, this is actually a vlog channel that I am subscribed too, but y’all… Andrea is the best! My kids and I can spend all day watching different videos that Andrea has shared! She is not afraid to show the real, raw and sometimes rough moments of parenthood. Like myself, she has three littles that she is homeschooling and as a super added bonus, she loves her some Jesus, too! Make sure you check out her “Coffee and Bible Time” videos where she reads passages of the Bible and discusses them a bit. These are super convenient as a busy mama because I can turn on YouTube and listen while still tending to my little babes.
  5. Just A Regular Mommy

    • I just discovered this blog today, actually, but oh my word! Isleny has only been blogging for one month, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by looking at her blog. On her blog she discusses how to achieve a good work/life balance while still keeping the kids alive and romance burning. She has come out of the stocks on fire, and I promise you that she will be one of THE top bloggers in NO TIME AT ALL!

***This just a SMALL selection of the blogs that I visit regularly, so if you weren’t mentioned my deepest apologies! BUT, I do hope that you will all take a few moments to check out each of these blogs 🙂

What are your favorite blogs to read? Leave me a link so I can check them out!

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Ariel King is a Stay-At-Home mom to her three children, Lana, Ace, and Norah. Writing and researching are two of her biggest passions. People say that she is full of all kinds of useless knowledge, and it is even rumored she has a Google PhD. She is not a typical mainstream mom, imperfect in every way, but is on a mission to encourage and inspire other moms. Her belief is that no one should feel alone in the day to day of motherhood.

6 thoughts on “TOP 5 BLOGS TO READ!

  1. Oh my goodness 🙈 thank you so much for featuring me here! It’s so crazy to see myself on a fellow bloggers page! Thank you for supporting me, it means so much! It makes this all so worth while! I’m beyond grateful 😍😊

    1. Your work speaks for itself! I was blown away by your site, ESPECIALLY once you told me how long you have been blogging! My blog was nowhere near your level that early on. I remember being featured for the first time and it was SUCH a good feeling. You deserve to be noticed! I can’t wait to see how far your journey takes you.

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